Symbol: Pemberley Home

Pemberley, home of Fitzwilliam Darcy

Pemberley, Darcy’s estate, sits at the center of the novel and serves as one of the major turning points in Elizabeth’s feelings toward Mr. Darcy.

Literally and figuratively, Pemberley is a symbol of  it’s owner: Fitzwilliam Darcy. Upon her arrival, Elizabeth’s eyes are open to his open heart and amiable character. His home and the people who live there reflect his side as a master. She is enchanted by the homes beauty, grandeur, and charm just as she will be upon meeting Mr. Darcy again. To highlight this, Austen describes the stream outside the home “of some natural importance was swelled into greater, but without any artificial appearance”(Austen, ___). Mr. Darcy has a  “natural importance” that is “swelled” by his arrogance, but which simultaneously accompanies a genuine honesty and lack of “artificial appearance”.


Pemberley even is a symbol of their budding romance; When they encounter one another unexpectedly, Elizabeth crosses a bridge, suggesting a gulf of misunderstanding finally overcome between the two unlikely lovers.

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